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The painting looks absolutely beautiful on the designated wall! Deb is thrilled! Thanks.
Fred Neufeld - 18 Dec 2013
Your paintings move me, they are a reflection of your beautiful soul
Celyne - 28 Nov 2012
Hello from Grosse Ile! Rick and I really enjoyed viewing your work. How awesome it must be to be as gifted as you. I really liked all your work but a few stood out for me. By the Water was one of them because of the way you painted the water. Open was a great use of color and perspective. When life Hands You Lemons was cool also not only because the pitcher looked real but the message it sent. I just love how well rounded your work is. I am sure it is not "work" at all. Donna
Donna - 3 Sep 2011
Beautiful, cuz. Just like you.
Fred Neufeld - 25 Jul 2011
Hi Ruth, I have been thinking about you lately and decided to check out your most recent work. You are still doing great work. Keep it up. Hope all is well with you.
Annette D. - 4 Jun 2011
You have a wonderful gift! Beautiful work!
Joanne & Scott - 14 Feb 2011
Hi Ruth Thanks for sending. These are awesome. They bring back fond memories. I love the picture of Oma, your dad (my uncle Abe), loading the tomatoes. I'm in South Carolina at your next showing but I will make a point of seeing you about some of my favourites soon. .. Rudy
Rudy Neufeld - 30 Oct 2010
Ruth this work is fantastic! Dave and I will have to get in touch when we leave Hong Kong and start decorating our Winnipeg condo. It would be great to have an original Driedger on the wall. I loved the painting of Oma. All the best! MaryLou
MaryLou Driedger - 29 Jun 2010
Hi, Ruth, I just looked at your website and it is great! You sure have a talent! You go girl! I hope someday you can do a piece for me, I have many ideas but need help, I have no talent in that area. I am looking forward to our breakfast ge together. Janet Bradley
Janet Bradley - 26 Jun 2010
I was just looking at paintings on the net and I came across your site. You have wonderful style and diversity. Thank you so much.
Kim - 25 Aug 2009
Ruth, you took my breath away - I never expected to see what I just saw when you said to check out your website. You are truly an artist! I am so proud of you!
Colleen McDonald - 24 Aug 2009
Hi Ruth, you are truly a talented artist who has personally created Cruiser 730 for my husband. It was a perfect gift that was better than I ever imagined. You took a simple idea of painting a cruiser to a beautiful scene by placing it in front of the station to finish off the look. You placed personal touches on the vehicle that I would have never imagined to make it so special for my husband and my family. I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you have done. Many many thanks!
Dora - 2 Aug 2009
Wow. I had no idea you were so talented in so many areas. Your students will be blessed to have such an accomplished musician, artist, and wordsmith. Have fun in the classroom.
Judy Enns - 31 Jul 2009
Hi Ruthie! Love your new paintings from Italy! I can't wait to see more!
Lisa Powell - 30 Jul 2009
I shopped for a long time on your site - you've done many beautiful pieces! It was fun to 'discover' you at Art in the Park!!! All the Best!
Cathie Penner - 15 Jun 2009
Hi Ruth I find your paintings extraordinary and in particular "grandmothers flowers" evoked a strong feeling in me about special memories with my mother thankyou
Elizabeth Cameron - 7 May 2009
What a gift you have, Ruth - in your beautiful art work and in your written words. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Helen S. - 17 Mar 2009
Loved the site and your creative work.What great style.This isn't a spam message, but you can visit me if you like.Thanks- Sunday, February 15 2009
James R Hicks - 15 Feb 2009
What a pleasure to view your art online. Lovely texture, line, and heart. Margaret R.
Margaret Richelhoff - 30 Jan 2009
Ruth~ this is my first time visiting your web sight and I am very impressed! Congratulations on all your beautiful works of art. You must be thrilled!
Meaghan Klassen - 23 Jan 2009
Ruth you do such beautiful work. I saw your display at the Sherk, just before Christmas.I just adored your painting of the sunflower, called Unfolding. I have just looked at your email, all your work is outstanding;what an outstanding talet you have. Shirley Jan.20 2009
shirley cook - 20 Jan 2009
Very beautiful and interesting works, and user friendly webiste!
Joan Smith - 8 Jan 2009
Amazing work Ruth--i have to admit my favorite was seeing my old pal Missi! Again, very beautiful work and a great site--good luck Ruth!!!Terry Q
terry quick - 25 Dec 2008
HEY RUTH! Congratulations on your weekend show! It was SO beautiful! You're so talented, the portraits you showed were all captured perfectly! (amazing how you do that!...landscapes too( I LOVE the lavenders dancing in the sky in DAYS END, (AND ! )...I love Yellow Tulips in the bold dark brown antique frame.....classic, bold, and beautiful! I love your work!
J. H. - 17 Nov 2008
I really like "Looking Up"- no need for a squirrel.
Andrew Neufeldt - 14 Nov 2008
Your work is truly amazing! It is all so beautiful. I am in awe of your talent!
Lisa Powell - 20 Oct 2008
wonderful paintings! good job, keep it up! See mine at:
Mabel - 16 Oct 2008
Awesome are very talented my dear.keep it up.May God Bless...
Mogree - 8 Sep 2008
I love the painting of roses that you gave me and I love you!
Mom - 4 Sep 2008
I really enjoyed viewing your paintings. "Stepson" brought tears to my eyes. Beautifully done.
Barbara Ens - 4 Aug 2008
Hi, my name is Ruth your site, come visit mine it is Have an awesome day!
Ruth Ruhnke - 30 Jul 2008
I saw the beautiful picture of Brooke & Robin. Another to show your gift. Thank you so much for doing that. I love it! They will too! After we get it like we want it and all we will give it to them! You sure are gifted girl!! Love all of your art. Keep painting........use your gift and I believe it will pay off in more ways than one! smile God Bless!!
Donna Greene - 25 Jun 2008
Love the website and wish you all the best with your artwork! Please remember me when you are famous!
Sandra - 22 Jun 2008
Wow! Andrea is right you ARE very talented! I found your link on Andrews facebook and I am very impressed with your talent! Although they are all awesome my favorite (of course) is Stepson! I am a friend of Andreas from school and hope to one day meet you! Keep enjoying your talent!
Shannon - 23 May 2008
Hey Ruth, your paintings look great even on my screen, great idea and great looking site, good luck with it all!
Dennis - 20 May 2008
Wow, Ms. Ruth. Awesome. You are talented. Thank you for sharing this wonderful accomplishment. I hope to be there sometime this summer to see it all in person. Love, Angela
Angela - 17 May 2008
Ruth, I just finished looking at your amazing paintings. I always marvel at people that are so artistic since that is a gift that I can only wish for. I hope you continue to share this wonderful gift with others in such a marvelous way. Thanks. Rita Enns
Rita Enns - 17 May 2008
Watch out Canada! There is a new rising star on the art scene.
Greg Hire - 17 May 2008
Your gift is so great!! Thanks for sharing this website. Beautiful work!!
Donna Greene - 16 May 2008
Hi Auntie Ruth! Thank you for forwarding this website to me! It's spectacular! What beautiful, beautiful paintings. Love, Holly
Holly - 16 May 2008
This is amazing Ruthie. You have created some excellent pieces. This website is a great idea, I enjoyed looking at the painting and reading your Bio you have a way with words comparable with that of your paint brush. Take care see you soon Jann
Jann Moore - 15 May 2008
How wonderful, Ruth! I really like your sunflowers; but, they are one of my favourite flowers! Also, your birds are very beautiful. Your self-painting is so true to who you are! Keep on painting, my friend! You add more beauty to our world through your canvasses.
Joyce McManus - 15 May 2008
Hi Ruth, some of these look veerrry familiar. Cool website, what a great idea. I wish you much success with it. Ed
Ed - 15 May 2008
Hi Ruth....I absolutely LOVE your website...I've been "clicking" all over!!! Your talent is amazing, and I know this is the start of an extemely successful and satisfying journey for YOU!!! Love ya, Jayne :)))
Jayne - 15 May 2008
Bravo! You're an artist AND a techno-geek! This is a great way to display your beautiful work to the world. We especially love "Rita's Piano". Really love it!
Rita - 15 May 2008
I had no idea how many paintings you had done already. They all look great.
Ryan Petryschuk - 15 May 2008
These are absolutely amazing Ruth! Wonderful. Keep it up!
Chris - 15 May 2008
What a great website! Woohoo for you!! Couldn't believe how many paintings you've done. You just keep getting better all the time! Time to get together again soon.
Janice Founk - 15 May 2008
Hiiiiii Ruth, I love your website!....Your work is beautiful, and very diverse..and now everyone can see all of inspire me so much... Love, Joan
Joan Phibbs - 15 May 2008
Mom, I posted your link on my FACEBOOK.... I hope you'll be able to handle all the requests that it will spark! The Paintings look great, now we'll have a better chance at keeping up with them!
Andrew - 15 May 2008
Ruth, I didn't know you painted. Your paintings are absolutely spectacular. I will keep checking your website and maybe someday get you to paint something for me. Way to go, Ruth!!!! Verna
Verna Nickel - 15 May 2008
Hi Ruth Ruth: Wow!!! What wonderful paintings. The website is great and easy to move through. Bravo. love, Mary
Mary - 15 May 2008
Hi, Ruth, I just had a look at your paintings. They are beautiful! You have developed quite a talent. There are a few that I especially like. I am very fond of flowers and birds and you have done these very well. I'm glad that you have found something that you enjoy doing so much. It must give you great pleasure to come up with these masterpieces. Love, Aunt Marion.
Aunt Marion - 15 May 2008
Wow! I had no idea you have been so hard at work! It is all amazing! Great job! See you very very soon! Can't wait!
Lisa Doepker - 15 May 2008
What beautiful paintings!!
Andrea - 8 May 2008
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