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From Photo to Painting....

Many people have brought me photographs to paint.  Some of the photos are perfect as they are, and I've sometimes suggested that they simply enlarge them or have them printed on canvas.  Why fool with perfection!

But not all photos are perfect.  Occasionally a photograph has all the components that would make for a wonderful painting..... interesting objects, unique and memorable figures.... but lacks that "something special' to make an artistic composition.  If a photo is slightly blurred or overexposed, or has some less desirable features, you may be surprised to find that, with a little ingenuity, it can make a fine painting. 

Below are some samples of original photos plus the finished painting.  You can see that I've often added, deleted or re-arranged features in order to create a balance and symmetry that pleases the eye and "finishes" the look.  And sometimes, it's a matter of adding some living colour to make the scene come alive!

Taken on an overcast day, this lovely scene of Emerald Lake, Yukon, comes alive with some sunshine and azure blue sky:

            Emerald Lake, Yukon 16x20

Early 1950s farming photograph:

            Harvest 20x16

A wonderful subject!  Note the shoes in the finished painting:

      Flower Girl 36x24

A beautiful bride and her new step-son.  Too bad I cropped the photo!  I wanted the background to seem "enchanted":

       Stepson 18x24

Another special friend in this girl's life was her dog:

 Sweet Sixteen 36x24

The swans were elsewhere in the lake....honest:

     Autumn in Elora, Ontario 20x16

An early summer evening on the farm... I added a few features, and had a lot of fun with the sky:

   Day's End 24x20