Ruth A. Driedger, Artist
Acrylic Paintings for Sale

Vismaad 11x14

Acrylic on Canvas

Vismaad 11x14

December 2022 Sold


This painting was part of a prize draw, proceeds which went toward Community meals and also Ukrainian newcomers to Canada assistance.

I recently read a book written by Sikh author, Valerie Kaur, See No Stranger: A Memoir & Manifesto of Revolutionary Love. It was beautiful, full of stories and prayers and song. The overarching message was “You are a part of me that I do not yet know. Sit down. Tell me who you are.” When thinking about another Christmas painting, I couldn’t get Valerie’s wisdom out of my mind. So this painting represents not only the Christian tradition of new birth, but also reflects other cultures in the Buddhist and Hindi prayer bells that surround the manger. The word, “Vismaad”, is Punjabi. Aside from meaning, “wonder struck”, as a boy’s name it means “born under a star”.