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Beauty In The Eyes 14x11

Acrylic on canvas

Beauty In The Eyes 14x11

November 2020 FOR SALE


“Beauty In This Time” 14x11

A couple of years ago I gave a few art lessons to a young girl. You’ve probably guessed that I’m NOT an abstract artist! 😂. I came across this painting, which was barely started, in my studio this weekend. I recalled that it was the beginning of a lesson that required really looking closely at a person’s eyes and to try to recreate that. For whatever reason, the lesson was never completed.

So, for fun, I looked for the original “model” and decided to finish the painting this weekend. As I painted the head scarf, especially over the nose and mouth, I was struck how appropriate it is for our time, at the same time being aware of it as a cultural/religious symbol.

I found the original picture online under a “beautiful eyes” search and in Facebook wallpaper. I couldn’t find the copy rite, but I’ve included the original here in my post.