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HONOUR 11x14

Acrylic on Canvas

HONOUR 11x14



When I was five years old, I needed to have eye surgery. My parents knew that if they could get me to agree to the surgery, there would be no issue with tantrums or any other such "baby" behaviour! So they asked me what I would like to have if I were to have the operation. I said I wanted a pink poodle (don't ask me where I came up with that idea!). My mom scoured the country side for a pink poodle and was getting kind of desperate until we ended up in Hudson's Department Store in Detroit where, lo and behold, they had MANY pink poodles from which to choose! I chose the one in the picture - and "Pinkie" is still with me. The photo for this painting was taken on the day of the surgery. I was dressed and ready to go. I remember a sinking feeling in my little five year old heart: I had made the deal and now I had no choice but to honour it. That's why this painting is called "Honour".

I love doing paintings of life events - times that we remember with such distinction. A painting such as this would cost $200.00. Would you like one done of you or one of your children?

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